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    Swedish people are crazy about their milk. They never stop drinking it, even in old age. But it has to be milk from Swedish cows. We devoted an entire campaign to convincing one man, Bosse, that Lidl’s milk was from Sweden.

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    Swedish people are crazy about their milk. They never stop drinking it, even in old age. But it has to be milk from Swedish cows. Lidl, the German chain of discount food stores sell milk in Sweden from Swedish cows only. But for some reason everybody thought their milk came from Germany. Milk sale at Lidl declined.


    We decided to do something about it, and found a post on Facebook from a man called Bosse that questioned the origin of the milk from Lidl - "Why the heck should I buy German milk?" it said. That tiny post got a very big answer. For years Lidl has tried to convince people about the Swedish origin of their milk in traditional ad campaigns. But people just didn't believe them. Something extraordinary had to be done. 


    We targeted this one man -- Bosse. And let the whole country know it. If we could convince him, we could convince anybody. So we re-designed the milk carton and renamed the milk as "Bosses milk." This became a national print campaign. Then it was on billboards all over the country. Then all milk cartons, in all Lidl stores where re-printed with the new design. All 2,650 million of them. And to be absolutely sure he didin't miss our message an airplane flew back and forth outside his window, with a message directed to him. At the end of the campaign Bosse made a new post on Facebook -- He was converted.


    By targeting one of our biggest opponents, Bosse, and renaming our milk to his super Swedish name, people finally realized that this was a Swedish product. Lidl sold more milk than ever. All 2,650 million liters of Bosses's milk were sold out. The sales increase compared to the same period previous year was 8.2%. The campaign created attention in lots of media with thousands of posts and images in newspapers, blogs and other social media. But most importantly, Bosse was convinced. He now buys all his milk from Lidl.


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